In every man’s wardrobe should be a collection of staple items which form the foundation of every outfit and what’s the most underrated of them all? The denim jacket! Able to be altered to fit almost every occasion, finding ways to style a denim jacket couldn’t be more straightforward. Combining versatility with style, the denim jacket just ticks all the boxes, and we’re here to share our favourite style picks!

Style A Denim Jacket With MC Online!

Whether you’re all for getting people talking with your outfits or prefer to keep it simple but on-trend, we can be sure that there is a denim jacket to fit every fashion lover. But even if the most famous of fashion icons get a mind block now and again, and that’s where we come in. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to style your denim jacket, then let us introduce you to the following looks:

Denim Jacket Outfit

The Classic White Tee

So let’s start with an outfit that absolutely no one can go wrong with, whether you’re one for playing it cool or making a statement – the white tee and denim jacket combo, of course! This look is perfect for all occasions, from heading out for a birthday celebration or popping to Nando’s for your monthly fix, making it a staple addition to every wardrobe. To smarten the look, simply swap your trainers for Chelsea boots or loafers, and you’re ready to go!

When picking your favourite denim jacket and a white tee, it’s all about the fit. Although the white tee has definitely made a name as a “basic” wardrobe necessity, finding one what is perfect for your build is likely to take a little trial and error. You want to track down the perfect balance between not too fitted but not oversized, and not forgetting a fabric that isn’t see-through!

Classic White Tee

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The Daring Double Denim

If you’re feeling brave and want to try something a little different, then double denim is going to be your go-to. Now, there are SO many different ways that you can rock double denim, depending on how much of a statement you want to make. For a more subtle take on the look, you can go for the much-loved all-black outfit, pairing black skinny jeans with a distressed style black jacket. Alternatively, to embrace all things 90s fashion, stick with blue denim. If everyone from Kanye West to David Beckham can replicate their own take on double denim, then so can you, right?

Double Denim

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The A/W Knitwear Look

We have all got to admit; Autumn is one of the hardest seasons to dress for, it’s freezing in the morning, but then by the afternoon it’s warmed up. So what do you choose? To be cold on your way out or too warm later on in the day? But let’s not speak too soon, we have the perfect solution, and of course, it comes in the form of a denim jacket combo. As the temperatures start to drop, pairing your favourite cosy knitwear with a denim jacket for that extra layer of warmth is the ideal A/W look. It’s all about lightweight layering, making it super easy to adapt to the weather throughout the day, all in just one essential outfit!

If you’re hoping to experiment with layering up but not 100% convinced on bringing out the knitwear, then simply swap your jumper for a hoodie. This can then be complete with jeans or even joggers, depending on your plans for the day. Our favourite outfits are all about versatility, and this look definitely fits the role!

A/W Knitwear

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The Friday Night Casual

Although our weekends have most definitely changed over 2020, this doesn’t mean that we cannot use our spare time to put together the perfect wardrobe filled with casual pieces you can chuck on before heading to the pub. A denim jacket is ideal for every occasion, and even better, it stops you from having to cart around a heavy coat if you decide to carry on your night on the town.

For your Friday night casual outfit, the choices really are endless, and it couldn’t be easier to incorporate a touch of personality into every fit. For those who love to be the centre of attention with vibrant outfit choices, a printed and embellished tee is the way to go. If you put comfort at the forefront of your fits, on the other hand, the classic white tee or hoodie mentioned above is perfect. You could even go for different coloured denim for your jacket, whether this may be white or grey!

Friday Night Casual

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The Smart But Relaxed

So you have been invited to an event, but the dress code is unclear. You’d be underdressed in an everyday outfit but way too overdressed in a blazer, what’s your solution? You guessed it, a denim jacket, but just jazzed up a little. Depending on your go-to look, your denim jacket can be paired with jeans and a shirt or even smart trousers and a knit jumper – it’s all about trying different combinations until you find one that works.

The key to nailing the smart but relaxed look is to balance your textures and colours. Your denim jacket is casual right? So your next item should be tailored, whether this may be the shirt or trousers. Your colour choices should also complement each other – for example, your black denim jacket isn’t going to look right with your tan tailored trousers, but it will look great with a white shirt and black skinnies. Once again, it’s all about trial and error!

Smart But Casual

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Denim Jacket = The Perfect Wardrobe Addition

If you’re yet to invest in your staple denim jacket, then we’re not exaggerating when we say you’re missing out, big time! We hope you’re now feeling inspired with outfit ideas and eager to spend Lockdown 2.0 scrolling through our collections looking for the perfect fit. If you do happen to make your MC Online order, don’t forget to tag @mconlineuk in any posts that you upload showing off your new wardrobe additions!

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