Regardless of the time of year, choosing the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding is always a pretty big deal. And while there are slightly fewer menswear options, this most definitely doesn’t mean that deciding what to wear to a wedding is an easy task. Whether you are playing a key role in the ceremony or joining the evening party, there will be many men’s wedding outfit ideas to choose from depending on your style, so we thought we’d talk you through our favourites!

Men’s Wedding Outfit Ideas For Every Guest Type

When planning an outfit for any occasion, it can be tricky to find a fit that will not only suit the theme but also keep you comfortable. Before delving too deep into your outfit hunting, if you’re a guest and not part of the bridal party or groomsmen, then you’ll need to take a look at the dress code. While most weddings are a conventional smart theme, more couples are now opting for a more chilled vibe, especially if their big day is in the summer. Many of our customers who are in search of wedding outfit advice are currently looking for ‘semi-formal’ options, which can be a little trickier to master. In other words, you do not have to go all out with a top hat and tailcoat, but you should still make an effort to wear a suit.

Along with considering the dress code, don’t forget to keep the unpredictable British weather in mind. For weddings in the warmer months, we suggest light materials such as cotton or linen. The winter, on the other hand, will call for tweed and flannel, for example, ideal for keeping you warm without compromising on sophistication. For more tips on how to choose the right suit material, take a look at D’Marge.

Now that you’re ready to begin the search for the perfect wedding outfit, let’s take a closer look at the most popular options, broken down by guest type!

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Best Men’s Wedding Suits For The Groom & Groomsman

It would only be fair to start with the man of the hour – the groom! All eyes will be on you, whether it’s throughout the all-important first dance or during your newlywed photoshoot, so it’s important to look your best. It is entirely your choice whether you opt for a traditional three-piece suit or a quirkier alternative to show off your personality. Ultimately, your wedding is a day that will be cherished for life, so you need to be able to look back at your memories, feeling assured that you made the right choice.

By far, the most popular formalwear trend is the super cool tweed check suit, inspired, of course, by the Peaky Blinders. While you may not be convinced by the unmistakable flat cap, we’re sure that you will be swayed by the suave look of tweed suits. Our Marc Darcy men’s suits range features six variations of the three-piece check style, from a subtle Eton Blue tweed to a vintage-themed Ted Tan alternative.

If you are planning a summer wedding and want to avoid layering up, then you’ll be pleased to know that our Marc Darcy range can not only be purchased as a set but also separately. That way, if you want the trousers and blazer only, then you won’t have to pay out for extra items you won’t need but can still enjoy some of the best men’s wedding suits on the market!

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Men’s Suit Ideas For The Father Of The Bride

As the father of the bride, you will play a pivotal role in one of the most memorable moments of the day as you walk your daughter down the aisle. And, while, of course, you do not want to upstage the groom, you should most definitely dress to impress. To stick to traditions, we suggest carefully choosing outfits that complement the wedding party. While you do not necessarily have to stick to the same style as the groom and groomsmen, aim to mirror their appearance, making the wedding theme flow throughout every detail. Similarly to the above, a fitted suit will always be a sought-after favourite, able to ooze utter class while ensuring that you feel comfortable.

Although there will be many different men’s suit ideas for the father of the bride, we love the traditional Dion Blue suit, also from our Marc Darcy range. With a deep blue, subtle check and gold detailing, this is a super sophisticated, timeless suit. Much like the groomsmen, you do not necessarily have to stick to three-piece options, as swapping the waistcoat for a simple white shirt and tie to add a splash of colour would be ideal. Alternatively, if the wedding will be in a warmer location, you could do the opposite and opt for a shirt paired with a waistcoat. We have a great range of men’s waistcoats available in nine different colours depending on your style.

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Men’s Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

For the lucky loved ones who have been invited to both the ceremony and reception, it’s your time to shine. And even better, there will be so many men’s wedding guest outfit ideas to choose from!

While a simple black suit and classic shirt are always a safe option, as a guest, there are no constraints, so make the most out of it! Unlike the wedding party, it’s unlikely that you’ll be given strict outfit instructions, so you are free to opt for something a little more modern while still looking smart. Complementing either a plain shirt with a patterned blazer or vice versa will always go down a storm, allowing you to experiment with colour without going too OTT.

When it comes to formal men’s footwear, we suggest sticking with a safe option that will provide both style and comfort. Between the ceremony and reception, it’s more than likely that you’ll be standing chatting for a while, which means that you want to steer clear from any shoes that will compromise getting on the dancefloor in the evening. Brogues or loafers are always a safe option, and even better, they’re available in tonnes of colours and styles to add a touch of personality to your outfit!

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What To Wear To A Wedding Reception

Last but most definitely not least are the evening guests, those who have been invited to party the night away. Now, as you will not be attending the ceremony, working out what to wear to a wedding reception will be slightly more straightforward as you can opt for something a little more relaxed. Unless suited and booted is your ‘go-to’ look, then there will be no need to dust off your three-piece suit from the back of the wardrobe. Instead, why not try a more contemporary style pairing formal trousers and a blazer with a long-sleeved, roll neck jumper? Much-loved by celebs including Zayn Malik and Drake, dressing up a turtleneck sweater with a statement blazer and fitted trousers are ideal for nailing the smart casual look. Shop our men’s trousers collection and premium quality blazers to get started on your outfit.

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Celebrate The Special Day In Style!

Now that you are in the loop with all things wedding outfits, it’s time to start online shopping and shortlisting options. Whether you are the father of the bride or an evening guest, turning up in style is always a must. Spend time trying on different options, and don’t be afraid to experiment with something a little different.

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