It’s that time of year again when fashion tends to go out the window and is replaced with comfort and extra padding to keep you warm. But just because the weather starts to get a little chilly and all you can think about are those cold fingers and toes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good while staying cosy. Whether you plan to stay indoors and hibernate this winter, or head out with the boys for some pints down the pub, we have a collection of subtly stylish men’s winter outfits, perfect for recreating some of winter 2021 trends.

Men’s Winter Outfits: The Milano Couture Collection

Keeping in with the trends can be hard when you have no idea what to type into Google and how to find the clothing that recreates those pricey Versace shirts you saw on the runway. Luckily for you, as a haven for men’s clothing, from men’s coats and jackets to men’s suits, we have a selection of high end looks for you to try out this winter, perfect for special days out or when you feel like jazzing up your outfit without it requiring a lot of effort. Here are the top winter trends that we think you’ll love:

Best Winter Jackets For Men

There are tons of stylish winter jackets for you to choose from, with one of the most popular being the puffer jacket – a staple piece that comes around every year and never fails to bring us style with comfort. The great thing about puffer jackets is that they are not only stylish, but practical as well. Most puffer jackets offer exceptional warmth and are waterproof, which is perfect for the winter weather. The style is often designed with a fur hood and is either long or short in length.

A puffer jacket can keep you warm through the pockets of air stitched into the coat, while the fur hood adds a touch of style to the design. It’s no surprise that these are always on-trend, so popping one into your basket will certainly be a worthwhile investment.

Another style that returns every year is the classic bomber jacket, offering you an abundance of style while keeping you nice a cosy. Of course, here at Milano Couture, we can’t just give you one option, can we? So, this year we have a wide selection of colours, all with black fur collars to keep you nice and toasty.
puffer jackets

Get The Look: Black Red Contrast Puffer Jacket, Black Padded Puffer Jacket

Mens Winter Clothes With Stylish Denim & Suede

If you haven’t already jumped onto the denim trend, then where exactly have you been? Whether you’re treating yourself to an acid wash denim jacket or ripped jeans, there are plenty of styles to choose from. In fact, a popular choice that returns time and time again is the classic denim on denim look, which of course, had to make it onto our winter trends list!

We’re so excited for this look to come back, as it gives you the perfect excuse to pair your outfit with some stylish shoes and our range of men’s t-shirts. The great thing about denim is that there are so many variations of the denim look, making it exceptionally easy for you to fit out your wardrobe with a selection of new denim clothing. For example, the fashion world has seen a rise in popularity for vintage and baggy denim trousers since the Milan fashion week of 2020, along with, you guessed it, the return of ripped denim jeans. And don’t you worry, we have you covered in the men’s jeans department!

Although you may be thinking, ‘denim? In the winter? Are you mad!’, it is actually pretty easy to add denim into your winter outfit. For example, our black distress denim jacket can easily fit under your parka coat, allowing you to keep warm while outside and looking good while inside. You can also create similar looks with suede jakctes, making them another staple peice that you should be adding to your wardrobe. To find out some more handy tips on how to stay warm in the winter while wearing denim, we highly recommend taking a look at Real Men Real Style.

denim and suede jackets

Get the look: Jersey Sleeved Hooded Denim Jacket, Grey Suede Bomber Jacket

Winter Smart Casual Outfits Men

Let’s face it, when it comes to winter fashion, comfort is certainly at the forefront of our minds. We don’t blame you for seeing a comfy hoodie and not taking it off for the next month or so, but who said that autumn smart casual outfits for men need to look boring? We have a selection of printed jumpers perfect for that effortless casual look with a twist. From our Pablo Escobar to our 2Pac printed sweatshirts, you can find the perfect print to match your style.

Not only can you choose a great selection of printed and diamante jumpers and hoodies, but you can also choose to add a burst of colour to your black jeans with our collection of red and orange sweatshirts and hoodies! Take a look at our men’s winter jumpers to find your next wardrobe addition.

MC Sweatshirts

Get the look: Black Biggie It Was All A Dream Sweatshirt, Black 2-Pac All Eyes On Me Sweatshirt

Men’s Winter Suit Ideas

We all remember the days where we envied David Beckham and his flash suits, and we couldn’t be more excited about the trend coming back into fashion this winter. Nothing says sophistication with a touch of peaky blinders than a tailored suit, and lucky for us, this winter is going to see the rise in checked suits, trousers and coats on the high streets. If you don’t want to opt for a full suit, then the key is to make sure that you have one statement piece, such as a check blazer or trousers.

A check blazer would go nicely with a plain white or black t-shirt with a pair of jeans and smart shoes if you’re dressing up for a special occasion. On the other hand, smart check trousers look great with a jumper of your choosing, perfect for staying snug during the colder season! It is important to make sure that you find the perfect check, as an all check outfit can look over the top if not done right. Take our selection of suits, for example, offering you a subtle hint of a small check for a chic look. Whereas, some check can either have odd colours that are hard to match with the rest of your outfit, or the check is so big you end up looking like a picnic table.

Mens suit

Get the look: Marc Darcy Danny Wine Three Piece Suit, Marc Darcy Eton Blue Suit

Men’s Shirt Ideas

While it may not be the warmest solution for a winter outfit, all the winter catwalks have seen silk clothing come into trend. Even trousers have been seen on the high streets in silk, paired with a silk shirt, which is a questionable look if you ask us. Instead of looking like you have gone out in a pair of luxury pyjamas, adding a silk shirt to your winter wardrobe is perfect for incorporating some colour and pattern into a dark season. After all, who says that winter can’t have its touch of vibrant colours and wacky prints?

High-end designers such as Versace have a wide collection of unusual prints on short sleeve shirts, which are perfect for wearing over a pair of trousers and even wearing a plain men’s t-shirt underneath and leaving the shirt unbuttoned. But instead of paying a fortune for one item, we have a collection of quirky shirts, including some long-sleeve options for those slightly colder days.

A new fashion trend that we are so here for is the oversized jacket which is perfect when paired with jeans and plain t-shirt. The great thing about an oversized jacket is that you can look fashionable while feeling extra cosy. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pair your chosen jeans with your favourite shirt!

shirts For Winter

Get the look: Black Grey Check Collarless Shirt, Camel Check Design Oversized Shirt

Get Your Winter Look Sorted

Whether you need a complete wardrobe revamp or are looking for the perfect piece to add to your collection, there are tons of trends that you can jump onto to look fashionable this winter. Pick yourself up a coat, top or a pair of jeans and flaunt your stuff on your homemade catwalk! Take a browse through the rest of our collection to see how you can transform your look with just a few statement pieces.

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