There’s nothing that offers a confidence boost quite like wearing an outfit that not only looks good but also expresses your style perfectly. Feeling confident is always important, but especially on holiday: it’s so much easier to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself when you know that your outfit looks incredible! If you’re looking forward to an upcoming holiday, be it a family get-together, a lads’ holiday or a romantic getaway with your partner, you may be struggling to find the perfect outfits to wear while you’re away. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with these stylish men’s holiday outfit ideas!

Stylish Men’s Holiday Outfit Ideas

As experts in men’s clothing, we know a thing or two about putting together outfits that ooze with style, from sophisticated, wedding-appropriate suit outfits to more relaxed get-ups that are perfect for a casual night out. That being said, we’ve devised these six men’s holiday outfit ideas to give you inspiration for your next trip. We’ve linked the products recommended for each idea so that any of the outfits you love can be yours with just a few clicks!


The Graphic Tee

This one’s perfect for those of you who like to make a statement with your outfits! When it comes to men’s t-shirts, you can’t get more expressive than our graphic tees, which are equal parts bold and stylish. The neon colours in these designs are undeniably edgy and eye-catching, meaning that you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. Pair the graphic tee of your choice with some stylishly comfy jeans or cargos, and you’ll have the perfect outfit to wear on a casual night out on your lads’ holiday.

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The Floral Print Shirt

We can’t think of anything more perfect to wear on a sunny beach holiday than our floral print shirts! These incredibly stylish shirts are intricately patterned and made of a light and airy material, allowing you to keep cool whilst looking the part. Available in several striking colour schemes from black to blue & gold, these floral print shirts look amazing when paired with bright white jeans for the ultimate summer holiday look.

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The Simple Two-Piece

Nothing says effortlessly stylish like our simple beige T-shirt and short two-piece set. This set is very popular, and it’s not hard to see why: it eliminates the need for fuss when getting dressed since it will look perfect with all sorts of accessories, from fashionable sunglasses to a trendy bucket hat! We think that this outfit is proof that sometimes less really is more and can’t think of anything better to throw on to lounge about in the sun with your mates.

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The Paint-Splattered Denim

This look is certainly not for the faint-hearted as it is sure to turn heads! We love a good denim jacket outfit as it is, but why not take things a step further with our multi-colour paint splat denim jacket and matching jeans? Pair these with a white tee, and you’ve got yourself a super striking fit to strut around your holiday destination in style. Your unique denim jacket is certain to come in handy should it get a little chilly while you’re out and about at night.

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The Casual Cargos

If your intention is to sit back and relax in the sun on your upcoming holiday, the last thing you want is uncomfortable, heavy, or thick clothing. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution to your wardrobe worries: light and airy cargo trousers. Not only are these trousers extremely fashionable and on-trend, but they are also super comfortable and will keep you nice and cool in hot weather, thanks to their baggier fit. Whether you plan to wear these cargos as part of a stylish outfit or lounge around in them shirtless, you’re sure to feel as good as you’ll look!

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The Patterned Tee

If you’re sick of plain T-shirts and are ready for something different, why not try out one of our patterned tees? Equally stylish and eye-catching, wearing one of our patterned T-shirts is sure to provide you with a boost of confidence that will enable you to make the most of your holiday and enjoy yourself to the full. Whether you choose to go for our beige swirl-patterned shirt or our black & white geometric patterned one, you can complete the outfit with a pair of our fashionable men’s trousers and you’ll be ready to strut your stuff!

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Look Your Best On Holiday

Having the perfect outfit for the occasion, be it a lads’ holiday or a romantic getaway, is important to ensure that you’re feeling your best and can enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you love our men’s holiday outfit ideas, feel free to continue browsing our collection of menswear, where you can find a wide variety of stylish clothing suitable for a range of events, from formal gatherings to laid-back catch-ups. We hope that our ideas have provided you with all the inspiration you need to start preparing for your upcoming holiday and would love to see you strutting your stuff in your Milano Couture outfits, so please feel free to tag us @mconlineuk on Instagram, should you decide to share your stylish get-ups!

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