Perfect for extra layers, warmth, and style, coats and jackets are one of the most worn and versatile fashion pieces that you can buy, as they can take your look to 100 within a blink of an eye! Combine different silhouettes, colours, patterns and thicknesses to create the best outfit suited for the weather, occasion and your personal style! Our article will give you the top 7 men’s jacket styles that you need in your life!

Our Top 7 Men’s Jacket Styles

Every man’s wardrobe should be prepared for any occasion and weather, so as experts in menswear, we have compiled our top 7 men’s jackets styles to keep you on top of your game for anything that may come your way. Match your outfit with all the different jackets that we call our favourites, and create your own personal style and look to stay on trend!

1. Bomber Jacket

Lightweight and durable, this jacket originated in the US Air Force during the Second World War when it started being worn by flight crew members. Over the years, this jacket style has spread throughout the fashion world and has become one of the most recognisable styles of jackets.

A shorter, zipped jacket with an elastic waist and cuffs can fit any type of aesthetic or style and is very versatile to match your outfit! Due to being a shorter fit, it can help create the look of longer and taller legs, and as they are a bit puffier than other jackets, they create room for sweaters or jumpers, still keeping you warm even in the winter months.

You can find this jacket in a range of different colours, patterns, thicknesses, and styles, making it an ideal fit for you and the outfit you have planned!

2. Denim Jacket

These wardrobe essentials have become a staple jacket style for every clothing aesthetic since they started to become popular in the 1920s. The jacket has since been experimented with, creating the brilliant, adaptable and comfy coat that we know today.

It may just be the last finishing touch that your outfit needs and is suitable for any season! You can layer this jacket over a lightweight men’s t-shirt in summer to provide an airy yet reliable outfit or a thick jumper in winter for an insulated and fashionable look!

Nowadays, denim jackets come in many different silhouettes, styles and shades, some even have a fur lining for extra insulation, so you have an extensive range to choose from, and you can match any outfit.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to style your denim jacket, take a look at our previous article for some inspiration!

3. Parka Jacket

A parka is the perfect coat if you want to make a statement even in the darker winter months! They are a thick winter coat stuffed with synthetic fibre and featuring a fur-lined hood. Loose-fitting and hooded, their style is usually casual and informal, making it a perfect choice for a winter catch-up with friends or winter outings! Highly reliable and durable coats; they are even waterproof and keep you warm when you need them to, without having to layer underneath and make a bulky outfit.

4. Overcoat

Out of all men’s coats and jackets, overcoats are one of the most versatile jackets because they are typically long and warm. However are designed to be worn over indoor clothes, so they aren’t as insulating as parkas because of their material.

They usually come in six silhouettes, all of which are ideal for your smarter ‘fits, including:

  • Polo
  • Wrap
  • Chesterfield
  • Duffle
  • Car
  • Trench

Timeless and forever trendy, they fit any style and can be precisely what your outfit needs; however, these jackets are unfortunately not waterproof, so they should be worn on colder yet drier days!

If you’d like to know more about overcoats and how to style them, take a look at this article by Gentleman’s Journal.

5. Body Warmer

Also known as a gilet, body warmers are designed for insulation without a bulky and dysfunctional style. They allow for full movement and flexibility of the arms as they are sleeveless jackets, so they are excellent in keeping the cold out yet being able to carry on with your day.

Some may prefer to wear these jackets in warmer seasons, such as spring, because there are no sleeves; however, you could solve this by layering underneath with a thinner hoodie!

These jackets can be found in many different materials, which will change their warmth, insulation and style; however, everyone can be matched perfectly to a specific aesthetic and outfit, making a versatile and stylish jacket!

6. Baseball Jacket

Sporty yet protective, baseball jackets are similar to bomber jackets in silhouette and elastic cuffs; however, the style and pattern of baseball jackets make them identifiable.

The 80s boosted these jackets’ popularity because of their link to hip hop, but it has lasted all the way up to now when they are seen in many celebrities and day-to-day outfits!

If you are looking for a lighter wear baseball jacket, you can find non-cropped and lightweight jackets with the same popular pattern, perfect for the summer months!

7. Puffer Jacket

This jacket incorporates many characteristics of the other jackets that we have seen so far, waterproof and thick whilst being comfy yet not bulky; this is a very trendy and popular style! They are usually hip-length and have thick material sewn into the different sections, which is what gives them their signature look.

Coming in many different colours and with many different patterns, these jackets are highly versatile in the men’s coats and jackets industry and have become a staple coat in our society!

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All The Best Men’s Jacket Styles

Hopefully, you have managed to gather as much inspiration as possible! Now you can go out and buy any of these different styles, or even multiple, to fit your personal preference and aesthetic, making sure you stay stylish throughout the year!

Take a look at our different men’s coats and jackets to see which style you want to start with and for more inspo!

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